Forrest Bicker

Winning IMC Prosperity

Last week four friends and I competed in the 2024 IMC Prosperity Global Trading Competition, the "world's most elaborate trading challenge." Yesterday, our team Puerto Vallarta was excited to be named the competition's champions. Today, I want to say a tropical thank you to everyone who made our victory possible.


Thanks to my teammates Milo Knell, Eric Zhang, Sahil Rane, and Alan Wu, along with our friend and mentor Tiger Che. We appreciate the prosperous Laurie Luo, Larry Wang, and Luke Wang for their moral support. We're also greatful to Jasper van Merle for his handy open source visualizer. Shout out to our friends John et. al. whose team managed to snag the runner runner up title. Special thanks to IMC and the mod team for keeping the event running smoothly, especially Deb and Henry. We had a lot of fun and are excited to take a vacation. 🥥🌹

IMC Prosperity Winners Forrest Bicker