Forrest Bicker


Data Scientist Quantitative Researcher Computer Scientist AI Researcher Generative Artist Roboticist Mathematician Computational Chemist


I'm Forrest, CS and Math major at Harvey Mudd and lover of math, stat, data, and ML. Iā€™m excited about the future of technology and determined to be a driving force in the coming breakthroughs.

If you share my passions or just want to chat please feel free to connect!

Student Earnings and Debt Model

1st Place Paper at the Citadel Global Data Open Championship 2022 ($100,000 cash prize)

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Computational Chemistry Research

A Generalized Algorithm for Coarse-Graining Molecular Dynamics Simulations

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Philadelphia Auto-Fatality Model

1st Place Paper at the Citadel West Coast Datathon Spring 2023 ($10,000 prize)

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NLP-powered Clickbait Detection ML

1st Place Paper at the Citadel West Coast Datathon Fall 2021 ($10,000 prize)

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Simultaneous-Moves Strategic Algorithm

3rd Place Algorithm at the C1-Terminal Programming Compeititon Spring 2022 ($2,500 prize)

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Theoretical AI Research

Theoretical exploration in math and statistics underpinning why machine learning works

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Climate-Sensitive Agriculture AI Model

Nationwide Finalist submission to the Modeling The Future Challenge

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Backgammon Research

Dashboard for rapid iteration on the state-of-the-art over-the-board backgammon strategies

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Sort Visualizer

An exploration in computational complexity and asymptotic growth