Forrest Bicker

Winning The Citadel Data Open Championship

Last week three friends and I competed in the 2022 Citadel Data Open Championship, the "largest and most prestigious university-level data science competition in the world." Yesterday, our team was excited to be named the competition's champions. Today, I want to thank everyone who made our victory possible.

Eszter Morvay


Thanks to my teammates David Chen, Milo Knell, and Alan Wu for making the grind a fun experience. Special thanks to Professor Linus Yamane who inspired our appreciation for traditional statistical modeling. We also appreciate the support of the Harvey Mudd community, especially my previous research supervisor Professor Lucas Bang for letting us use his lab space during the competition. Shout out to our friend Sahil Rane whose team managed to snag the runner up title. Thanks to Citadel and Correlation One for organizing the events! We had fun and are excited for what lies ahead.

I am greatful to Eszter Morvay for the support she provided

Citadel Datathon Celebration Forrest Bicker